writer. musician. hair model… and photographer.


me in action

Creativity is an essential part of my every day survival. In addition to all the creative endeavors I blog about, I am focusing on learning new techniques in photography. Sometimes I get carried away with being the perfect mom to my three year old that I focus more on what he needs than fulfilling my own needs. It’s a challenge to take care of myself when there’s this person that needs me 24/7 but I’m getting better with the help of my family, especially my little sister. She’s an artist and you can view her work here. This Easter she helped out with my little boy so I could take photos. She watches him on weekends so I can take a photography class.


I’ve been a writer ever since I could pick up a pen but photojournalism is a recent passion of mine—I always post my own photography in my blogs.  Here are some photos that I took this Easter of my perfect little model:




I’ve been focusing strictly on photography this past month. My goal is to have a collection of photos to use for my various blog posts. I’m taking a photo class this weekend and I have a few photo shoots coming up that I need to prepare for. I’ll post  more photos as I edit them.


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