self-taught: a creative adventure

I’m lucky because have a really nice camera. And a good eye for finding a great photo op (thanks to mom and dad for the creativity genes). But I don’t have all the terminology down yet. I’m comfortable with angles and messing with all the options on my camera. But when you start asking me about ISO’s, shutter speed, exposure and aperture, I start digging for my camera manual or searching in books for the answer.  Even when I know, I second guess myself.


Easily motivated to create, I am a self-taught photographer and musician. I learned the basics of photoshop, scrapbooking and how to read in a few different languages on my own too. I have published photos in Chicago Magazine and CS. I make mistakes but I’ve done some creative work that I’m really proud of…and that’s what matters, right?


I won’t lie. I had a lesson or two here or there to stay on track. There’s a downside to self-teaching—it’s amazing how easy it is to glance over important rules and to teach yourself the wrong techniques. It makes moving forward very challenging. But famous musicians, like Joni Mitchell, taught themselves and created techniques that they wouldn’t have learned in a classroom.


So for now I will use the knowledge I obtained from several books and the trusty camera manual—and I will experiment with some new techniques. I’ll keep taking photos and follow through with all of my creative endeavors. This weekend I’ll take a class to brush up on my photography terminology!


I added a few recent photos in this blog…I’ll post more as I continue this creative adventure!

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