reverse poetry


photo by tara m waysok


I wrote this blog the other night at 2AM…

I haven’t been avoiding my blog—I think about it every day. But this is the first chance I’ve had to write without distractions. And I’ll pay severely for staying up late and doing this…because my son will be up in a couple of hours.

While reading my blog subscriptions, I stumbled across a poetry technique I haven’t tried. Maggie Madly Writing found this idea…to “Take a poem and reverse it. Put the last line first and continue until the first line of your original poem is the last line of your new one. Then revise it.”

So I made an attempt to rewrite a poem, last line first. I dug up an old poem (probably ten years old or more) and reversed it and edited it. I’ll spare you the original. This is the final result of the project.


The last backside view

In a modest knee-length dress

Pure, tantalizing smile, with effort and lips a turnip tint

A sore sour old wives tale

A fantasy

A cruel joke, rubbing closed eyelids till they shadow, prickle and water

Pet dander

Infecting the eyes—itching,

While suctioned to the events outside the handheld curtain

Glancing at vintage corvettes and business attire

Pollen ridden bedroom

Skin flaking and whispering

He is borrowing lines from a 1950’s movie

Un-gentleman like

In a plaid robe, tightened at the waist

Nightmares cackle, floating in dust and air

Spilling this innocence down the drain spout caked in mold–

Striking resemblance to an affair

Older men are netted to me


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