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At some point in my life, I got this notion that if I fill my brain with too much information, too much knowledge, then things that I already learned will slip away. It sounds ridiculous when I write it, but it’s one of those creepy thoughts that try to limit my success.  This irrational fear, followed by many others are usually kept filed away.  When it does surface, it doesn’t stop me from learning as much as I can at all times. But it does give me this feeling that I will forget something important at a dire moment and throw it all away.

As a writer, I am at war. It’s tiny little me against fear, writer’s blocks, time, ideas, society, deadlines…

It’s a tough fight to get the words on the page. Often blood and tears are involved. But at least I have words on my side. Creativity and strength too. Fear can never take that away from me. Here are five ways that I work through the fear and get the words on the page.


Acknowledge the fear.

Oh, it’s there. So pretending it’s not real will only explode in my face when it’s time to work. But when I admit what gets under my skin, I can protect myself from it.


Stop living in the past.

I could wallow in regret for months if I let myself. Why didn’t I finish the personal essay about my travels? Why didn’t I edit the nearly-finished articles and send them to publications? I can’t go back and fix my mistakes. But I can learn from them. I can finish my new projects no matter how scary it is to put myself out there.


Face the fear.

My novel could be a flop. But it could be something great. No one is going to know until I finish it. End of story.


Move forward.

Set goals. Make priorities and follow through.


Never stop trying.

I love what I do. And I intend on making creativity my career for life. Staying motivated through the rough times isn’t an option. It’s a job requirement.

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