wake up call


I’m getting my caffeine fix and organizing some projects. An elderly gentlemen just asked me if I’m good with computers. He hunched over on the counter,  mixed the sugar in his drink with a wooden stick and lots of effort. He leaned over to offer me his advice. “You need a computer every where you go these days. Even in the jungle.”

Not the advice I expected but I did need some direction and motivation this week. Somebody to say clean up the holiday mess and get your bum back in the seat and your hands on the “letters” (what my son calls the computer keyboard). When the letters are strung into words, that’s when I ‘m sane. That’s when I can focus on getting my life and writing in order.

My wake up call happened a few days ago. I took my little boy to get his haircut at the salon where I used to work. While catching up with my old co-workers, I talked about all the projects I’ve been working on. Even after three years, the manager remembered details about the my novel in progress. Another guy gave me some advice about sites for guitar lessons to improve on some techniques.  Simply talking about what I do helped me realize that I’m actually accomplishing something. Although I don’t get clear results every day. I’m still out there as much as I can be—writing and making music.

These are just a few of the reminders of why I worked at the salon for so long—despite all the drama I had a great support system there, and I still do. I could tell you a million times over that I am so lucky to be able to spend most of my time with my son, but it’s difficult to stay focused when you’re full-time mom and a freelance writer (and everything else that I do). But I am glad I have a few places I can go to when I need the reminder that my goals are important and necessary to keep from becoming the dreaded…soccer mom.

Thanks again to all the people that gave me a wake up call this week. Time to work on the those creative projects and a goal list for 2011. It’s back to the jungle for me.

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