regrets and resolutions


I should be making my new year’s resolutions. Instead I’m creating a mental regret list: random thoughts of all the moments this year when I didn’t put myself and my goals first. As I regret thinking so negatively, I create more regrets for this list, a spiral of downers when I should be focusing on positive goals for the new year.

This spiral tends to happen around the holidays. I’m dragged in several directions for several days. Combine this tradition with passing the flu around our family for the month of December and the happy positive light switch blew a fuse.

Recent Regrets

No time to blog in December.  To organize. To do all the creative work that keeps me sane. I wish I could go back and fuel myself with energy to pull through the craziness while keeping my life in order. But no order for me. Just self-wallowing pity all over those projects that are collecting dust.



Wipe away the dust and self-pity. Realize that I can’t feel bad for getting the flu and everything else that I couldn’t control this month. Realize that I can’t control everything and move on. Make a decision that could change the my life’s direction.  Make time to finish “those projects.”

Some pretty big positive steps, and I have to take them if I’m going to move forward. Wish me luck.

Do your regrets ever get in the way of your resolutions? What steps do you take to stay positive?

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