missing his dad


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It’s an exciting time right now because my husband has his first job as an Executive Chef. But the dogs and our little boy notice that their dad isn’t home as much.  The dogs mope around the house. We don’t have our chef home to make a gourmet dinner. My little boy asks, “Can we pick daddy up from work now?”


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I don’t like to admit it, but it’s difficult for me too. When we had the flu I had no idea how I’d get through it. I respect and praise single moms…how do they get through the day when they’re sick? I had to beg my mom to take time off of work to take care of us. With how much I devote myself to raising and educating my son, I felt helpless and useless when I was sick.

Now that we’re better, the stress of raising a child and doing freelance work is setting in again. With my husband’s new position, I have less help at home. I could really use his help right now. I feel like this week of being sick has set me back a month. I have completed projects that I need to send out, holiday cards to make, and a little boy who needs to tell Santa about his wish for a “big Thomas and Annie and Clarabel” and an “alien game.”

Until Rog gets situated at his new restaurant, it’s back to frozen dinners and leftovers. As usual, I will take it all one step at a time and get through it. Hopefully I’ll find time to step back and enjoy the holidays  too.

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