the hair blog post

transit2I’m modeling for a hair show next week, so I can’t help but wonder what they are going to do next. When you look at my portfolio, it looks like they did everything already, but Sassoon has new collections every season, and they always find something creative and different to do with my hair.


I hair model because it gets me out of my shell. I was shy and insecure before I started modeling. Those traits didn’t disappear—but it’s difficult to go unnoticed with bright colors, shaved sections, frizzy-permed and spiky—hair like artwork.  Kabuki and quiff are names of a few hairstyles. They have seasonal hair collections so they always need hair models. The modeling is a stepping stone to being more social. People can’t help but comment on my hair.

modelfixed0001 spring_sum020023 model1

These are the really old hair model pictures from 1999-2003. I’ll post more recent ones soon.

If you could do anything with your hair (no restrictions from work, school, etc) what would you do?


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