caffeine and steel strings


I wrote this blog very very early this morning…FYI. My acoustic strings are actually bronze, but steel sounded so much cooler for the title of this blog!

I love the days when inspiration comes in droves. I wish I could bottle it up and save it for those days where I stare at the blank page and flashing cursor praying for something creative to happen–lyrics for a song, a poem, an article I should have written two weeks ago. Then I give up and check my Facebook page for 2 hours.

The professionals say we need to write/create every day, even when the muse has other plans. But I have to admit, it’s a lot less painful when the muse is along for the ride. Why is it that she hangs around even more when I’ve had caffeine?

Well, my inspiration came today. At 2AM when the sane people are asleep. I played guitar for a couple of hours till my hand was numb. Then played some more. It’s rare that I get this much time to myself so I took advantage. I got in touch with some of my fears involving the guitar.  I’ve been playing on and off for 15 years, self-taught, and I still question my playing.


guitar 048

Completely Irrational Fears

What if I forget everything I learned?

If I attempt tunings other than standard, I’ll leave my comfort zone.

If I stay in my comfort zone forever, I’ll never grow. But it’s sooo comforting.

If I learn something new, will I forget some of the old stuff?

What if people decide they aren’t interested in my music anymore?

Why do I have these fears when I love the guitar so much???


I’ll have to pay for being up this late. My toddler will wake up early because he has a radar that senses when I don’t get any sleep. With a busy day that starts in only a few hours, I should get to bed. But try winding down after being so productive?

Hope you have some productive moments this week too.

Good night.


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