the joys of freelance work

I love freelance projects for so many reasons.

I love to give 150% to a project. To focus and to devote chunks of time to my work and my sporadic lifestyle.

Everything in my life revolves around writing. My hobbies, my professional work, my education—to be able to freelance is the ability to accomplish many of my goals through one creative outlet.

Currently, I help people write and edit their resumes. After working on a resume project this week, I decided to update mine as well. You can check out my resume on my Linked In profile too. When I read it, I felt more accomplished than I have in a while. Simply knowing that I am a published author is half the battle. My experiences, along with my ability to pay attention to detail is uplifting when I look back at all the work I’ve done. When working freelance, it’s so easy to get off track and forget about the big picture, so it felt great to have a positive reminder of my creative accomplishments.

It’s much more daunting to look ahead at the to-do list: send query letters, research markets, research for article, finish magazine article, promote writing services, work on novel and novel research, write blog. But my toddler is at a sleepover with his cousins and grandparents, so I have all day to give my 150 %.  So I locked my inner critic in the closet and I’m going to go and get some work done. Wish me luck!

Have you updated your resume in a while? Any accomplishments on your resume that you’re really proud of? I look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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