flaca girl (a rant…)

When I go to observe you in your workplace, in the coffee shop, wherever you are—I mind my own business. Of course I secretly record your conversations (in my head) or type them out on my computer. But I don’t butt into your conversations and give you my advice. I don’t put myself in your world. I put you into my writing.

marsh 842

So, if you want to watch me carrying five bags of books and computer stuff, then so be it. Or if you plan on gazing at a distance as a 105 lb “flaca girl” lifts a massive wheelchair out of her car, then lifts her grandmother into the wheelchair while a toddler clings to her leg, go right ahead.

marsh 841

But whatever you do, keep your opinions and your name-calling to yourself. If you think I have too many bags, or if my hair is too blue, or if I have too much on my plate, then keep it to yourself. My size has nothing on my abilities. I overwhelm myself sometimes, but during those critical moments,  I can handle anything because I have no other choice. I’m sensitive because I’ve been through a lot. I’m sensitive because I hate seeing other people suffer. Yet every experience I have makes me stronger.  I can lift that wheelchair with my eyes closed. And don’t you forget it.


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