goals of an ebook addict

I’m still an addict. I took a glance at my ebooks wish list, not counting all the books I purchased already, and I have 45 books on the list.

It’s not that I’m greedy and need every one of those books in my possession. But I am greedy for knowledge. Greedy for information. Greedy for ideas. Knowing that I want that many books motivates me to follow through with all my writing projects. So I can get my writing on someone else’s wish list.

Goals this week:

to finish and submit current projects

read paperback book for online class

writing exercises

read an ebook I already purchased, just for fun

Like an alcoholic or any other addict, I’m feeling a little lonely. Not because I’m alone with my books, but because my original writing gurus have moved on with their writing lives. The people who helped me get to where I am write their own blogs, work on their own writing projects, publish their own books and articles. I’m forced to press the send button on my submissions without their glance of approval or suggestions for improvement. It should be positive that they persevere and succeed but I miss leaning on them for support. For how much I love spending time on my own and doing things for myself I realized something—I miss them. I miss sharing my scattered ideas and a forced time to meet and discuss writing with our writing group. They were quirky and uplifting. They celebrated the minor accomplishments along with the great ones.  I wish I could thank them for supporting me in the craft and helping me to achieve my goals.

Thanks to everyone for the support, but I could have worse addictions… As long as I don’t go on a ebook buying binge, I think I’ll be okay.

Anyone else have an ebook addiction?

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