ways i’m changing

happy kid

I don’t think I’ve written a blog devoted to the cuteness that I have surrounding me twenty four hours a day. My little boy makes every moment, even the crappy times, worth living. I know primarily I devote my blog to life as a writer, a musician and a hair model—but having a toddler changed every aspect of my life. I write stories for and about him. I can’t help but pick up the guitar and write toddler songs when I need to distract him from trouble. Even though he can’t be on stage when I’m hair modeling, he’s still the star of the show. Everyone at the salon knows my little boy and his sweet disposition.

my silly kid

In essence, my life has dramatically changed for the better. When my professional life isn’t progressing as I want it to, I have him to keep me on the right path. He helps me to take a closer look at all the little things in life, which is great inspiration for writing.

loud kid

Since his birth, I’ve been forced to adapt my style and personality to raise him. I’ve changed. Here’s a list of what I’ve learned so far from being a toddler mom.

As a toddler mom, I can’t be ____________.

a perfectionist (This one is difficult…and still needs work.)

on time for everything

expected to take care of everyone (Need to focus on the kid…and me.)


As a toddler mom, I have to be ___________.

in ten places at one time

strict but fun

able to forgive



able to love no matter what (This one is easy for me.)



Not necessarily tough on my son, but tough on the world. If I let others take advantage of me then what kind of example am I setting for him? I need to stand up for myself and my family. This one is a very difficult personality change but it will be worth it! If he learns anything from what I teach him, I hope he respects people but doesn’t let anyone take advantage of him.

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