finding a space

I go to the coffee shop to work because I don’t get anything done if I don’t have my own space. With a toddler that follows me around all day, I don’t have many places to call my own.  If I sit down to use the computer, he’s climbing all over the place and saying, “play Thomas game on the computer, mama!”

in deep thought...

It takes me a few minutes to settle into my work. If I’m at the bookstore, I end up browsing the children’s book section to see what he would like. Then I snap myself out of it and set up my mini-office in the coffee shop. Time to myself is limited and I have computer files full of lists that need to be completed. I picked up a few magazines and books to guide me as I work. My favorite book of writing exercises is The 3AM Epiphany. I’d like to work on a few exercises if I have time. I plan on getting a lot of work done on my list on today too.

Right now I’m working on…

…another magazine submission. My coffee has enough sweet stuff in it to make me start dancing on the tables if I drink it too fast. But I have toddler freedom today so I’m going to drink it slow so I can keep my feet off the tables and my butt in the chair—writing.

…my novel. Yes, I compiled what I wrote so far. Yes, I wrote some more scenes recently. No, I did not add the scenes to the semi-organized novel files. I write when I can and I’m learning how to organize. It takes longer when I work on scenes separately from the big picture but for some crazy reason, that’s how my creativity works. I need to go through the files again soon. But today I’m going to work on more scenes because I’m feeling inspired.

…finding a routine. Like I said regarding my novel, I write when I can. I don’t feel like I have the luxury of a routine because my life pulls me in so many directions every day. Or maybe I’m afraid of the routine and avoid it? I know I shouldn’t work on my novel only when I’m inspired but that works best when I’m limited on time.

…finding a space. I know that a coffee shop or bookstore is the best place for me to write. Life is going on around me but nothing I’m drawn into enough to distract my work. And if I do get drawn into anything, then it goes into my writing, so the distractions here are a bonus. But as far as the “big picture” is concerned, I’m not sure where my space is. The midwest? Somewhere else? I’ve lived in the Midwest most of my life so I’m not sure what is next…When we sell the condo, so many opportunities will open up for me and my family. And I’m dying to know where that will take us.



Do any parents, freelancers or creative people have any suggestions on finding or creating a routine? With a toddler at home, I feel like my schedule is dependent on everyone else’s schedules. I’m looking forward to hearing if anyone has any tips for starting and keeping a routine!

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