a writer’s response to the “healthy” topic

In her Prosperous Writer newsletter, Christina Katz wrote about what it is to be a healthy writer. You can read more about the topic on her blog. She poses the question, “So which came first, do you think, the health instability or is writing somehow linked to putting a creative person’s health in jeopardy?”

Often creative people are quirky and right-brained, with a penchant for putting their “art” into the world. Whatever that art is, in this case writing, it is a very complicated process that exposes our insides. Some writers have it easier than others because the words fall into place. Others work on liters of caffeine (or alcohol for the Poe’s out there) and no sleep—the epitome of unhealthiness. When a writer isn’t taking care of his or her body, the writer becomes even more erratic and occasionally does erratic things that only fuels the writing. But it comes with a price.

Other writers are unhealthy from the beginning. Their lives are wrought with pain and suffering—an inevitable “writer’s life.” They are mentally unhealthy and need writing to survive.  Why does some of the best writing come at the darkest times? Why do healthy writers get overlooked? I think the unhealthy writers are more appealing because they have drama, something interesting to draw readers in. Healthy or unhealthy, the better writer will be remembered for great writing and not the lifestyle.

So, can a torn, unhealthy, scorned writer become healthy, and still be a great writer? With the right balance of the past experiences (good and bad), a little caffeine (it’s probably impossible without it), and the ability to follow a writing routine, (no matter what) and an imagination. Good luck and keep writing.

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