this week’s scattered reflections

marsh 1275 taking a break at the park…

A waiter is quirky, nervous and giddy as he hands me the bill, and his phone number.

My husband stares into the refrigerator as if it will make the decision for him but can’t find anything to eat. Reason: he couldn’t find anything at the store that he wanted.

Our little boy sings, stands up in booth, eats a few noodles and a huge hunk of watermelon, sings some more, eats a hardboiled egg, Thomas trains ride along the table, some chocolate ice cream and runs to look at a water fountain.

It’s 2:14 a.m. I want to finish a project but my mind is elsewhere.

Spanish subtitles, a cricket, air circulating, bits of sound from the useless fingers typing, the smell of liquid band-aid.

Three attempts and life resumes.

Fallen hero receives recognition.

Curious, reflective, lucky, introspective, empathetic.

Vague scattered moments.


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