Field Museum

found a mummy at the Field Museum

It’s a never-ending cycle. Trying to complete all of my projects, focusing on my goals, all while taking care of my family. At least one aspect of my life always gets ignored. I accomplished a lot in the past few weeks and I could tell that my two year old boy felt neglected by me in the process.

My family took turns taking care of him so I could get work done. I stayed up later than usual after he went to sleep. He noticed that we weren’t spending our usual amount of time together. It’s not a bad thing because we needed the break, but he let me know just how much he missed me this week. He wanted mommy to hold him a little longer. He wanted mounds of extra uninterrupted attention.

He’s rarely this needy, so I knew we had to do something fun together. I took him to his favorite museum. He held my hand and dragged me to the mummy exhibit. “There’s a mummy in that box, mommy” he said with a sense of authority in his voice. Then proceeded to become a mean mummy.


"mean mummy"

He managed to pull me towards the dinosaur exhibit too. “This way. That’s a dino-saurus, mommy.” It took me a moment to understand his accent. He looked up at me for a response. Before I could say a word he said, “No, mommy. That’s a dino-saurous Rex.” We caught the bug exhibit and made our way to the DNA exhibit to see another favorite that he calls “the bat in the jar.“

After his nap, he jumped out of daddy’s arms to cuddle with me. “Mommy play trains with Marshall, please.” He said it as if it were a matter of life and death, with all the emphasis on “please.” Usually it’s Daddy at the top of the list for trains.  I got to be his favorite train for a few seconds. Little moments like these were adding up.

I don’t have nearly as much work done as I planned this week.  But I have a memory that marks a change in my son’s life. Nobody told him to like the mummies or the dinosaurs. He made those decisions for himself and I love how proud he was to show me. I love my work…but what keeps me going through the crazy cycles are moments like these.  I look forward to a zillion more.

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