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I used to snicker at my dad for listening to Bob Dylan. How could anyone enjoy listening to someone who sounds like he’s holding his nose while he’s singing?

My grandmother would flick the ashes, put down her cigarette, and sit by the keyboard. She showed me how to play she played the songs she learned by ear…Classical songs, even a Polish wedding song she heard as a child. I brought her a recording of Imagine by John Lennon so she could teach it to me too.

I absorbed music from where ever I could find it. From playing the clarinet in grade school, to mimicking songs on the radio. I listened to a lot of oldies songs because that’s what my parents loved. I danced my heart out to The Monkey’s greatest hits, twisting my ankle in the process. If anyone asks why I limp after running long distances, I blame it on an old running injury!

In high school, most of my musical tastes developed through my crushes. If the guy I adored liked The Beatles, I liked The Beatles.  If he liked Radiohead, then I liked Radiohead. It seemed as if I wanted to impress these guys by liking their music. But as these guys disappeared, my love for music didn’t. I appreciate every one of them for opening me up to types of music I wouldn’t have noticed on my own.

me  my first guitar

At 16, I got my guitar and my love for music became an obsession.  As I became more independent, so did my music choices. In college, I searched through tab online to find songs I could play on an acoustic. Still, I stumbled upon an occasional band through guys I dated. Elliott Smith. Ani DiFranco. The Cardigans. Iron Maiden. My friends and I went to concerts at the metro every week so I knew a ton of the local Chicago bands too. We went to music festivals.  We lived and breathed music. 


 dtj0015 local bands at the metro, 2001

I locked myself in Carnegie Hall’s music room to practice for an open mic at Coffee Dregs. I played my heart out in that practice room…my compositions about love gone wrong, with a few Elliott Smith, Beatles and Bob Dylan songs in the mix too.

openmic0003  open mic at coffee dregs, 2001


I love The Beatles as much as I did when I was younger. Just wondering…why do you love your favorite band?

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