the great american novel

Artwork by Kim Grochmal

This is a charcoal portrait of an introverted writer…me. 🙂 Check out more of Kim Grochmal’s artwork here.

Dear novel,

I’ve been writing you for three years now. It’s a love/hate relationship because you are complete in my head, but you don’t make as much sense on paper…yet.

You’re all over the place so I ignored you for a little while. Put you off. I didn’t return your calls. But I think about you constantly. I can’t wait till the words on the paper match the story I envision. I have faith in you—I know you will make sense if I give you a chance.

The times I sit down to write and you’re not there…I research. I read. I do whatever I can to keep you around.

We should put our past behind us, work together, set some goals and move forward in this relationship.

Our first goal is to organize the disarray that is you. It’s my fault, but you are at least twenty files of intense writing and research.  Then there’s all the handwritten notes too…In the next two weeks, I want to put all your scenes together and see where we’re at…then we can go from there.



Note to my readers: I was asked to write about some events in my childhood. I didn’t forget…I’ll post them soon! Thanks for reading…and thanks for all the support!

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