catching up

I feel like I’ve been cheating. Or that I got cheated. Let me explain…I got sick on the only day last week that I made several plans. I’m not one to cancel on people, especially when the plans involve appointments and concert tickets. But I got too sick to do anything. Luckily my husband was on vacation so he could help with our little boy. But I felt defeated.

I have a hard time sitting still. I’m not hyper but I’m always thinking, writing, reading, creating—so to have some sickness try and stop me ended up being a big fight. The sickness knocked me down for a few days. I had to shut down my brain. Rest. Sleep. Rest. I ended up winning this fight but only after a few days of rest.

Today is a catch up day. Things I need to catch up on:

Spending time with my little boy

Reading for online class

Writing projects (finishing a magazine submission)

Reading newsletters

Reading blogs

Eating (I finally have my taste buds back)

Playing guitar

I started catching up by writing this blog. Now I’m taking the little boy to the zoo for story time. He is tugging on my arm right now saying, “story, animals, do doot do do do do.” So I better go!


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