I have a serious confession to make: I am a book nerd. My workplace necessities: my computer, a coffee, and book bag with project research, books, magazines…and a nook. To some of you it may be obvious that I lovvvvvve to read. But to those of you who still think I’m only a rock star with cool hair, I’m sorry to disappoint.


It’s taken me a while to admit this. My nerdiest point was probably 1995. In high school, when everyone was out drinking, experimenting, having fun–I was in bed with the bard. I stuffed blankets under my door (to block the light) so I could stay up late and read Shakespeare. I’d take notes of each act and scene so I wouldn’t forget anything. Some days, you could find me hiding in the bathroom for a couple of hours reading the quirky stories and fun facts in The Bathroom Book. Beatles books. Music magazines. Short stories. Summer days were spent in the backyard, lounging in my swim suit as I wrote poetry in my journals. As long as I can remember, I brought a book with me where ever I went so I didn’t have to be alone.

When I turned 16, my dad bought me a guitar. I hoped the guitar would save me from nerdiness. The books and magazines stayed in the closet for a little while. I hid in the basement with my guitar, the pick screeching on the strings till it made music. I taught myself with an old music book of my mom’s and a video. Once I learned a few notes and chords, I wrote original songs with chords I didn’t know so was forced to learn them.  Some songs were lame. But the more I wrote, the more I practiced, the better I got. I pulled my journals back out to write new music and song lyrics.

Even with my guitar playing and songwriting skills, no one ever thought of me as the cool kid. They mocked me for being different. It ruined my life in high school but I cherish these differences now. Thank God I’m not like anyone I knew back then!

Today. June 26, 2010. Life is simple: writing, books, and music. Although my guitar has changed my life, I don’t think it saved me from being a nerd.  I try to read every free minute I have. My bookshelf is stocked with journals. Forty books on my nook are calling my name, so I better get back to work…

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