write, research and relax

I don’t know how to relax. I have to be occupied at all times—which would explain why I have so many hobbies!

Besides, having a toddler = no free time.  He naps less each week. Even the glorious moments when he plays on his own don’t last for too long. Within minutes he’s asking me to join him in playing trains or building a fort. Then he’s running around the house hiding in his dragon towel, telling me he wants to fight! How can I keep a writing schedule, be a stay at home mom and find a little time for myself? I look for the answer on a daily basis.

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As I wait to hear about my previous writing submissions, I don’t want to miss out on other potential projects. I don’t handle down time very well.  When I have down time from writing projects, it  allows me to doubt my work. After I submit my writing, I’m back on the computer researching new markets.

The best and the worst markets are online and it takes intense research to find them. I begin by looking through writing newsletters. These free newsletters crowd my inbox every day. So I pile them into a Newsletter folder and go through them when I have the time.

I’ve been reading newsletters during a break from writing this blog. I found a market for my photography. As well as a few writing markets I’d like to research further and possibly send them some work.

Newsletters are  worth the extra emails. Some writer’s blogs (like mine) are offering writer’s advice as well. Other writers going through similar experiences and they have knowledge to share about the writing world. I scan through articles and writer’s markets.  The best part of all: it’s free.

I’ll keep searching for a way to relax. But for now, I’ll focus on finding a way to fit my family and my writing projects into a workable schedule. Wish me luck.


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