why i’m lucky

You’ll probably notice from my writing (especially my music) that I have moments when my world falls apart. But  no matter how rough it gets, I do realize how lucky I am. It doesn’t always make things easier to bear but I think about it all the time.

Why I’m lucky

I spend most of my time with a cute and funny toddler

A productive freelance career

Supportive friends and family that no matter what they say at the time, I know they support my creative goals

A husband who loves me as a person, not as a  stereotypical “wife,” “mother” etc

A sister who put up with me torturing her throughout our childhood

Friends I can be myself around

All the good things in life that money can’t buy

My Chihuahuas

My health

Access to Facebook, social networking and email 24 hours a day

People who help us with financial emergencies to make it through this recession

My guitars

This is my sappy blog because I can’t exude happiness in my songwriting. I go to my guitar when I have nowhere else to go. Any pain I experience gets channeled into my music—and it shows. My songs are excruciatingly honest. They reveal all the emotions that I keep hidden most of the time. I hope to post some song lyrics very soon!


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