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coco presentation 039a

Why does doing something I love have to be so intense?

The entire color and cut process took about 24 hours. Strip color. Apply color. Haircut. More color. Refine haircut. Blow dry and flat iron. Etc.

When I arrived at the Sassoon Academy, the receptionist was on a phone call for about ten minutes before he could direct me to where I needed to go. The hair model he spoke to wanted to know every possible way to get to the salon. It reminded me of all the ridiculous questions people would ask me when I was head receptionist at the salon downtown.

Spinning in the chair as the stylist chipped away at my hair, I felt more at ease. We talked about old times. I miss my friends at the salon. But I am so glad that I get to spend my days with Marshall and focus on my freelance career. I will model for Sassoon as long as they’ll let me. I love having this connection to them because the entire experience has such an impact on my life.

The choreographer started with my group first. The moves were steps that I could handle. Not that I was great, but I could do enough to get by without looking like a fool. The models I worked with were great. And I had fun.

It’s been a week since the show and I feel alive again–relieved and inspired to jump back into my creative lifestyle.  I’m not playing music as much as I’d like to but it seems to happen in waves. It’s difficult to have time for everything when I have so many creative outlets.

I was on Facebook last night and I notice a photograph that looked familiar. I did a photo shoot for Sable restaurant back in March and my photos are finally published. What a great feeling! To have all these creative things going on at once can only motivate me to do more!

Please check out my photos that were published in CS (April) and Chicago magazine (May)! You can find them online here:

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